Ketalar (Ketamine HCl) 10mg/ml 20ml

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Ketamine HCl
10 – 20 minutes
2 – 4 hours
20 milliliters of 10mg ketamine per ml.
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Ketalar 10mg/ml 20ml MDV Injection.

Form and quantity per Orderunit

Contains 20 milliliters of 10mg ketamine per ml.

Subjective effects

At low doses, ketamine induces a distortion of space and time sensation, pseudo-hallucinations, and mild dissociative effects. Ketamine users stated that the most desirable effects were “melting into the surroundings”, visual hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, and folly. The psychoactive effects associated with the intoxicating effect of ketamine (derealization, depersonalization, auditory and visual hallucinations, abnormal thought content, euphoria, increased color perception, loss of sense of time, and novel body sensations) were generally considered positive. Only 20% of all ketamine users stated that such effects were undesirable and psychologically distressing.

Routes of Administration

The dosage and administration instructions as shown in the instructions leaflet must be followed exactly.

Storage and durability

Always store the product below 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and in the original packaging. Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture. The shelf life of the active ingredient is at least 1 year when properly stored.